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Top Benefits Of Yoga

What Are The Top Benefits Of Yoga?

There are various reasons as to why we turn to yoga to find that much needed balance in our lives. Yoga does seem to have a profound impact to how we live not only on the mat but much beyond the mat. On the surface yoga is projected just as a tool to have a great looking body. Whereas in reality yoga has deep impact on our well being through different practices like meditation, mantra chanting, breath work, self less action.

The word yoga comes from the root word “yug” which means “to bind” or “to yoke”. The underlying theme being connection. Finding that much needed connection with oneself and others.

The scientific research on yoga is still nascent and cannot fathom the depth of yoga with its impact on our over all mental health and physical health. Most research clearly does point in one direction that yoga is much beyond our mere body.

Here are the top benefits of yoga:-

Yoga improves flexibility

Asana practice is based on the principle of movement and through most postures, you work around your spine and joints. As we age our body stiffens and yoga seems to have a positive impact on flexibility. Greater flexibility leads to overall better health. Our body has the entire nervous system running along our spine and asana practice stimulates the entire system.

Yoga helps with stress relief

The modern way of living has an impact on our stress levels on a daily basis. We are constantly pushing our mental health to the limits. Yoga through its various practices like meditation, mantra chanting, and breath work has a positive impact on reducing our stress levels.

Yoga improves mental health

Major depressive disorder is thought to be the most common mental health issue in the world today. Both asana and breathing-based practices have been shown to help improve our mental health and thus positively impact our mental health by reducing depressive symptoms.

Yoga reduces inflammation

Gentle yoga has a positive impact on improving inflammation. Medical search has found evidence that it positively impacts suffering from arthritis easing the discomfort of tender and swollen joints.

Yoga benefits heart health

Regular yoga helps reduce overall stress levels and inflammation in our body leading to improved heart health. Other factors like high blood pressure and excess weight which have an impact on heart health can also be addressed by yoga practice.

Yoga can mean more energy

Yoga practice has a direct impact on our energy levels. After a good session of asana practice, you will feel more energized and refreshed in your body.

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