We are a Yoga Alliance, USA certified yoga school and all our courses are registered under the Yoga Alliance, USA standards, so you have little to worry for you being a certified yoga teacher across the world. We have presence in 5 countries worldwide including India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe & South America. Come join our growing yoga community of over 5000 yoga students trained by us over the last 11 years & spread the love of yoga wherever you go.

Why Choose Us

Yoga Teacher Traning School in Goa, India

“Teaching is the art of learning through your practice”

We are a Yoga School in Goa, India motherland of Yoga. We started our journey in the year 2009 in a small village town in the Himalayas with our first Multi Style yoga teacher training which became our most popular teacher training course.

Our name “Trimurti Yoga” in sanskrit means “three forms” or “trinity”, in Hinduism, triad of three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. In which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are upheld by these triad of deities. We at Trimurti Yoga call ourselves a yoga laboratory & a modern traditional yoga school.

We can be compared to a tree with our roots deeply grounded in the traditional values of yoga while we are modern in our outlook respecting the Western understanding of the physical body. We combine the best of what the East and West has to offer in our yoga teacher training. Our teaching team is a fine balance of the same between teachers from India & across the world.

Our yoga teacher training will provide you with all the necessary tools to be an effective yoga teacher. We believe in making yoga accessible to all irrespective of which stage of yoga practice you have. Our teaching team comes with years of rich experience training students from all over the world.

We strongly believe that there is a yoga teacher in all of us and we will play the role of being the change catalyst in your journey of self discovery through yoga and its ancient wisdom.

Our Mission

At Trimurti Yoga we aim to bring to our Yoga students the highest standards of yoga teaching from different perspectives & backgrounds. We aspire to be able to inspire more and more students to be able to go back and share the joy of being a yogi.

Our Aim

We aim to play the role of being the change catalyst in your journey of self discovery through yoga and its ancient wisdom. We will inspire you enough to be able to share your learning with others in the world wherever you go.

Our Values & Ethics

We place great value in creating a safe space which is full of trust & mutual respect. Trimurti Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training school in India provides this space to all aspiring yoga teacher. We provide a non-judgemental, non-dogmatic and non-competitive environment for inspiration, self development, self-discovery and growth.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that yoga is about attaining a fine balance in all we do whether on the mat or off the mat. Yoga for us is a way of living and much more than just asana practice. For us yoga is all inclusive & not exclusive in ability, age or any other factor stopping anyone from reaching the ultimate goal of stillness & harmony.

Our Promise

We promise that you will walk away from us being much more confident to be able to share whatever you discovered being with us in this journey of learning.

Supporting community

Over the years we support the NGO “Loving Lap” which supports children with special needs in Pune, India. Our mother Jyoti Sharma started this NGO and we are proud and happy to support her in this cause with our little contribution each year.