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Please read our refund policy.

Trimurti Yoga Refund Policy & Terms Conditions:

Submitting the application form, I hereby agree to to the following:
  • I understand that the initial booking amount of 300 Euros is non-refundable on any circumstance even if I decide to cancel my participation in the course for reasons within or beyond my control like sickness, accident, travel restrictions, lockdowns or any other act of god or any unforeseen circumstance by either party.
  • I understand that if I am not able to participate in the course, I have signed up for, Trimruti Yoga will allow me to use the same deposit for any future course as long as I inform them about it through a email to at least 48 hours before the start of the course. Failing to do so will lead to forfeiting my initial deposit.
  • I understand that once I have checked into Trimurti Yoga physically I shall become responsible & liable to pay Trimruti Yoga complete course fee. This fee becomes non refundable, non cancellable and non transferable unless otherwise agreed by Trimurti Yoga in written. If I fall sick due to covid or if the course has to be stopped due to covid restrictions or any similar reason Trimurti Yoga may consider transferring my pro rata balance course fee to any future course of my choice. The ultimate decision lies with Trimurti Yoga. I agree that once I have joined the course physically, Trimurti Yoga is not liable to refund me the course fee if I choose to drop out of the course due to any reason or circumstance.
  • I understand that Trimurti Yoga reserves the right to terminate my participation or continuation in the course if it finds my presence disturbing to the group process. In such case Trimurti Yoga reserves the right to refund my fee. If it does it will only be on prorate basis. In any event Trimruti Yoga will not be liable for my costs such as travel, insurance etc due to any cancellation for any reason. Any and all arbitration will be subject to jurisdiction of Canacona, Goa India.