I am beginner in yoga, can I still join the Yoga Teacher Training course?

If you are a seeker you are eligible to join our course, it does not matter where you are in your journey of yoga practice and self realisation. You will successfully completely the course if you show dedication to this learning process, so your intention matters the most. Yes it will be challenging but definitely not impossible.

I am 70 years old and may feel out of place being with younger students, can I take the course?

There is this famous saying - “age is just a number”, so please do not hold back yourself. Yoga for us is NOT about your ability of how much you can bend; it’s about how much you want to learn and make yoga part of your daily life as a lifestyle choice.

Yoga for us is not a competition and we are aware that each of us is in a different stage of our self discovery and we respect that. Each of you will only benefit from taking this course in our own ways. Our teachers adapt to each student and understand how we all should respect our individual physical limitations. You will never feel out of place in any group, we had groups where the youngest student was 18 years & the oldest was 73 years - both successfully completed the course and felt the course impacted their life in different ways.

I am a women and travelling to India for the first time, is it safe for me to take the Yoga Teacher Training course in India?

Our yoga school is located in Goa, a state with the highest tourist traffic from all over the world and India. Rather most of India is safe to travel from a tourist perspective as long as you are aware of your surroundings. We also take care your arrival to us, our trusted drivers get you from Goa International Airport by taxi. The drive to us from the airport is about 90 minutes. As a first time traveller we would recommend that you come straight to us & then plan any further holidays to explore beautiful India as you will get used to our customs in a secure and safe environment.

Will I be able to teach after your yoga teacher training course?

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training course is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, so yes you will be able to teach after successfully completing our course. Our course will give you all the necessary tools you need to learn to be an effective teacher including having the confidence to lead a class of students. We often had students come to us without any prior teaching experience and they found love of teaching soon after the course and turned successful teachers. 

I do not want to teach after the course, can I still do the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes you can still do the course even if you do not intend to teach after the course. Most of our students come to us for exploring yoga in its true sense, a journey of self discovery. For us yoga is a lifestyle which helps each of us to live life better physically and mentally

I am not very flexible and cannot do many postures, can I still join the course?

Yes you can still join the course. You will benefit from the course as much as any other student. You will be able to improve your practice to create a foundation for correct postures and go deeper into your practice over the years as you make yoga part of your life. Besides you will learn much more about yoga and how it is not just asana practice but more about how you conduct your life outside the mat.


English is not my native language will this be a problem in me completing the course successfully?

We often have students who do not have English as their native language and almost everyone successfully complete the course. Do not worry for your level of English as long as you have basic understanding of the English language and can speak a little of it. Our teachers will adapt to your needs and often take extra care for such students. Also most of our teachers are from across the world and you will often find teacher from your country who will act as your mentor in this course and will be happy to help you.

What is the maximum number of student allowed in the course?

Maximum 15 students - All our courses are designed for a personal level of interaction with our teachers & are focused on students so we keep the group size small with a high teacher to student ratio. 

Can I miss classes in the course?

To successfully complete the course as per Yoga Alliance standards you must attend all classes. Not attending classes without any valid reason will lead to not being qualified for the course completion. Incase you miss some classes due to medical emergency like you fall sick, our teachers will give you extra assignment for missed class so that you cover your course hours to complete the certification. Not attending classes will lead to only being certified as “participated in the course” and not “course completion”.  

Can I join the 300 Hour Teacher Training course without doing the 200 Hour Teacher Training course?

You must have completed the 200 Hour Teacher Training course before you take the 300 Hour Teacher Training course. This is for 2 reasons, firstly the 300 Hour Teacher Training course is an advanced course which needs the yoga foundation of your 200 Hour course. Secondly you cannot register with Yoga Alliance, USA as completed the 500 Hour Teacher Training since you have missed the 200 Hour Teacher Training course.

However if you have many year of yoga experience in your practice and want to do an advanced course, you can join the course - but you will still be able to register with Yoga Alliance as as RYT 500 teacher. Please write to us if you have need may more information on this.

Can I take the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training if I have completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with some other school?
Yes you can join us irrespective of where you did the 200 hour teacher training from. But to register yourself as 500-Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance USA you should have completed your 200 Hour Teacher Training from a Yoga Alliance registered school.
Do I need any teaching experience before joining the 300-hour Teacher Training course?

No you do not need any teaching experience to take the course. However it does help to make the most out of this course that you have some teaching experience.

Can I take a short course of 100 Hours like Meditation, Yin etc if have not completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes you can join any of our short courses and benefit from them. However you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance until you complete the 200-Hour Teacher Training course first. All the short programs fall under the category of continued yoga education with yoga alliance.

Is there an exam to successfully complete the course?

Yes there is practice review and theory sharing towards the end of the course. However do not stress with this, our teachers will prepare you for this so that you complete the course without any stress.

Is there an exam to successfully complete the course?

Yes there is practice review and theory sharing towards the end of the course. However do not stress with this, our teachers will prepare you for this so that you complete the course without any stress.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?
We have trained over 5000 students and none of our students have ever failed the test. Our teachers will help you prepare for this and if you are putting sincere efforts you will just be fine. Be open to the learning process. We are not here to fail anyone rather we want all to pass the evaluation process and help you all through the course with this.
Do you provide study material?

Yes we will give you a teacher training manual besides some relevant ready material. Also you will have access to our library with a range of yoga related books to make your notes & read during your free time.

Will I teach during the course?
Our courses are designed in a way that all our students get some experience in teaching while being in the course. This will help you enjoy the process of teaching and also give you the necessary confident of leading a class. As a first stage you will be given small groups to self teach others while teachers will observe you and give a constructive feedback to you. Again do not worry for your level of English for this.
Is the Yoga Teacher Training recognised all over world?

Yes Trimurti Yoga is a registered Yoga Alliance, USA school and all our courses are registered with them. So yes your certificate will allow you to register with them and teach all over the world.

Can I come back to Trimurti Yoga to get some teaching experience?

Yes we invite our students back to Trimurti Yoga as interns to be able to get more teaching experience. You must have successfully completed at least one course with us to be eligible for this. 

Due to religious restrictions, I cannot do mantra chanting, will that be a problem?

You do not have to do mantra chanting if you are not comfortable for any reason. You can sit in silence and meditate during this time. Mantra chanting is a very small part of the course. You will be certified for the course even if you do not mantra chant.

What if I have to leave for some sudden emergency during the course, will I be able to attend the course again?

Yes you can always come back the school to complete your course wherever you left it. We follow a standard program week by week so it’s simple to pick it up where you left it. You do not have to pay us again to complete the course.

Is food and accommodation included in your fee?

Yes all our courses are residential and cover for your stay and food with us. We will provide you with 3 standard meals on all study days except weekends when we break for a holiday.

I have dietary restrictions like being gluten free or dairy free, can your kitchen handle this?

Yes our kitchen and menu will adapt to your needs. Do not worry we will take care for your such dietary needs. Please drop us a mail stating if you have any special restrictions & we will help you in the best possible way to meet your dietary restrictions.

Can I arrive a few days before the course or stay back after the course with you?

Yes you can arrive to us before the course to relax and get some rest so that you are prepared for the intense course so that you are rested from your travel. Please drop us a mail with your requirement & we shall arrange your same room where you will stay for the course. The extra night stay will be charged separately for your at Rs 1000 per night which you can pay after your arrival.

Which is the best way to reach Goa?

Goa has an international airport called Dabolim Goa International Airport, so you can fly straight into Goa with a direct or connecting flight. Also Goa has easy access with trains and bus if you are familiar with travel within India. As a first time traveller we would always recommend flying into Goa.

Can I get a taxi pick up from the Goa Dabolim International Airport?

Yes for all courses we offer 24 hours taxi pick up from Goa airport. Please share your complete arrival details on mail with us so that we get you safely to us.

My flight is landing early morning at 4am, will I get a taxi pick up?

Yes we are prepared to receive you 24 hours from the airport. So do not worry for your time of arrival in Goa airport.

Can you help us with airport drop when we leave after the course?

Yes we will help you arrange taxi drop to airport for your flight back to home. This is chargeable & you can pay the taxi operator straight. Most often our students go back together in groups and share the taxi cost.

What kind of props do you have in your yoga hall/shala?

Our yoga shala has belts, blocks and bolsters for your yoga practice.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your yoga mat (you can also buy one from our boutique), toiletries, towel & mosquito repellant for the evenings with you.

Can I wear my usual yoga clothing during the yoga training course?

Yes you can wear your usual yoga clothing you are comfortable during your practice. Goa is super touristy & has travellers coming here from across the world.

Is the campus accessible to beach?

We have 2 campus - one right on the beach & the other close to forest. Most of trainings happen in the forest campus since it is the larger campus with more yoga halls (we have 3 yoga halls in the forest campus). The beach campus which is located on Agonda Beach hosts just the 300-hour Teacher Training course (has one yoga hall with 10 rooms). However from our forest campus the beaches are easily accessible - drive of about 7 minutes by tuk tuk or scooter. Some of the most popular beaches of South Asia are located close to us like Agonda, Palolem, Patnem etc.

What should we do over weekends for food when you break for holiday?

Our kitchen is always open for students so you can always order food even over the weekends just Incase you decide to stay back on the campus. Most of the students love to explore the local restaurants over the the weekends, some of the most popular restaurants are located on the beaches here offering amazing food including Indian, Italian (pizza and pastas), Vegan etc.

Do I need a visa to travel to India?

Yes you need to apply for a tourist visa to travel to India. You can get this from your nearest Indian consulate or Embassy. It is also possible to apply for a E Tourist visa for most nationalities, please check for E Visa to India. This is short stay visa and valid only for one month from the time of entry into India. No visa is extendable once you have entered India.

Do I need any vaccination for travel to you?

No you do not need any vaccinations to arrive to us. Goa is a very safe place and malaria free. Any vaccination is at your discretion and dependent on how long and where you plan to travel in India after/before the course. Please consult your doctor or your country’s Government Health Regulation for any such recommendations.

Do I have access to doctor if I fall sick during my stay?

Yes we have a doctor close by who is available though the week, also offers natural medicine and only for severe sickness gives allopathic medicines. We will help organise your appointment with him for any such emergency.

What covid protocols are you following for our safety?

All our staff & teachers at Trimurti Yoga are completely vaccinated. Also the Indian government will have covid protocols to follow for all tourists like being vaccinated or getting a negative RT PCR test before travel. We are going to follow those guidelines.

Are my belongings safe in my room at Trimurti Yoga?

Trimurti Yoga campus is only accessed by students & staff so largely you are in a very safe space. We do not allow any outsiders inside our campus. Besides your rooms are accessed only by you during the course for the safety of your belongings. For any special requests we can keep your important documents in a locker & you can take them back while leaving. We advise you to lock your rooms whenever you leave campus.

Can I drink tap water?

Tap water is not safe in India for your stomach. At Trimurti Yoga we provide refillable mineral water at all times in our restaurant area. Also our kitchen uses only filtered water for all the cooking for your safety. You may also buy bottled water from us or the local market.

Do the rooms have mosquito nets?

Yes we can provide you with mosquito nets for your bed.

Do you provide laundry services?

You can get cheap laundry service next door. Also most of our rooms are equipped with rope lines for you to dry your clothing just incase you chose to bucket wash your small clothes.

Do you have WIFI?

All our common areas have WIFI. However you are in India & it does teach you patience & acceptance since the WIFI may not be as fast as the west. You may not be able to do heavy downloads but will be connected to your loved ones over messages & WhatsApp calls.

Where can I exchange and withdraw money?

There are few ATMs in the market close to us called Chaudi Market. You may change money with many local money changers at the beach whether in Agonda or Palolem. Please note that the local money changers offer you a much better rate than the airport.

How is the weather in Goa?

Goa is a tropical town so stays warm most days with sunny skies with temperature ranging from 28 to 32 degree celsius. Only in the months of December & January you may need a hoodie for early mornings & late evenings.

Do your rooms have linen and blankets?

Yes all our rooms come with linen & blankets so you do not have to carry any unless you plan a road trip in India later. In which case we recommend carrying your sleeping bag with you. We will wash your linen once a week so that you have clean sheets each week.