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yoga teacher trainingHow Long Should You Practice Yoga Before Taking A Yoga Teacher Training?
yoga teacher training

How Long Should You Practice Yoga Before Taking A Yoga Teacher Training?

One of the basic questions that most students aspiring to take the 200-hour yoga teacher training is how long should you practice yoga before you set on this beautiful journey of bringing more yoga into your life. Often aspiring student feel they are not ready to take such an intense course but do not realise that this is just the most basic step to start the journey of yoga and mostly anyone can join the course without much preparation as long as you are committed to learning and have a healthy body.

Here are a few things you should consider for yourself before enrolling.

What Are Your Reasons For Taking The Yoga Teacher Training

Different students are at different stages of their practice at any given time. It is important as a student to ask this question whether you are taking the course for yourself to find personal growth in your own practice or to teach others. The 200-hour yoga teacher trying is the most basic course in this journey of learning to teach self or others.

Most students enrolling for this course are seeking personal growth in their own practice and trying to use yoga a tool to find inner peace and balance in a hectic stressful life. On the other hand there are few students who wish to use the yoga teacher training as a tool to improve their teaching skills and start teaching immediately after competing the yoga teacher training.

Whatever your reasons this course is the first step towards bringing more yoga into your life, so feel happy and proud of yourself that you are committing to this journey of self growth.

Being Highly Flexible Is The Not a Yard Stick To Know If You Are Ready

Yoga students don’t have to be able to bend perfectly to complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training. Being able to practice or teach is not about whether you can bend perfectly in every asana. Having a healthy body is all you need to take the course and more importantly a mind ready to receive. Yoga is much more than just being able to bend perfectly. So do not stress if you cannot touch your feet perfectly it’s fine and you will still learn as much as any other student on the course. But at the same time would definitely recommend starting to incorporate a few yoga classes each week before you join the course so that you do not feel tired and exhausted with a daily yoga routine.

Age Does Not Matter in Yoga Teacher Training

Age does not matter when it comes to learning. We often find students as young as 18 years and as old as 70 years successfully completing the 200-hour yoga teacher training. While it is mandatory for you to sit through all the classes to complete the course as per yoga alliance rules, you are free to stop your practice when you exhausted, feel free to go into child pose. So please do not worry for your age as long as you have a healthy body and are ready to commit to a few weeks of learning to be able to sit through your classes each day.

Having Limitations Due To Injuries

One of the key things we teach in our 200-hour yoga teacher training is respecting the body and knowing your limitations. So yes it is fine even if you have certain injuries and limitations, we advice you to inform the teachers about them in confidence and they will tell you which modifications you may use for asana practice or which asana to avoid for any further injury or which asana to use for recovery. If there is any recent injury it is best to fully heal before you take the yoga teacher training to make the most from the yoga teacher course and we also recommend consulting your local doctor before the course.

So you are ready for the 200-hour yoga teacher training when you are ready to commit to a month of learning, there are no reasons as why you will not be able to complete the course successfully. We are always happy to answer any questions for you, please write to us at if you have any queries.

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