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200 hour yoga teacher trainingHow many weeks does a 200 hour yoga teacher training goal take?
200 hour yoga teacher training

How many weeks does a 200 hour yoga teacher training goal take?

As a student of 200 hour yoga teacher training course, you will have a few options for completing your 200-hour yoga teacher training and each option has its own advantages suiting to different needs of students. These different options can be completed in a period of 24 days to about a couple of months. If the course is registered with yoga alliance, USA it has to meet the criteria for teaching hours, and hence the time spent in each course is similar just that it may be structured differently.

Here are the different options:

Option 1 – Full-time residential yoga course

usually, it takes about 24 to 26 days to complete the course. This kind of training has its own advantages for stater’s it offers you to explore a new country or a new city where you have never been before. This leads to a certain element of excitement for something new in your travel along with the learning process to make it fun. Most courses will have the weekends free for students to explore the town they are taking the course in. Also sometimes you may either choose to arrive a few days before the 200-hour yoga teacher training course or stay back after the course to explore the country if you wish to travel more. This gives time to you to get familiar with a new country and also gives you a deeply immersive experience of the culture, people, and way of living.

This option will also allow you to give more time to yourself since you are disconnected from your world in some sense. You will have a lot of time to grow in your inward journey beyond your physical practice of yoga. After all, the objective of yoga should not be just to improve your physical practice but to also gain more inner connection and in the process self heal and become a better version of the self. Most of the residential 200-hour yoga teacher training courses will require minimum 24 to 26 days to complete the yoga teacher training.

Besides you will be able to form meaningful connections with a group of other students and teachers who you are in the course with you since the course mostly feels like a community living for the 24 days, with lots of sharing of experiences whilst sitting at meals and chatting in free time. Above all a safe and trusted environment allows you to open up to your vulnerabilities and grow from them. You may sometimes feel you are going back to a different person after completing the course.

Alternatively, if you are too busy to take a break from your work for 24 days then you may ask the 200-hour yoga teacher training school if they are willing to split the course into two parts and you can also go back to yoga school to complete the course later again when you get holidays. This way you can choose to complete your yoga teacher training fully in person even if you are busy with your work schedule.

Alternatively, some schools offer this course over the weekends which is catered to working professionals who do not wish to take a break from their work.

Option 2 – Part-time weekend 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Some yoga schools in large busy cities offer weekend 200-hour yoga teacher training in India which take a couple of months about 2 to 3 months to complete the course. This course is ideally suited for people who cannot take longer holidays from work but still want to finish the training without sacrificing their commitment to a job. So the only sacrifice they will be required to make over a longer time is the weekends which will be fully dedicated to the course while working in their respective city.

Option 3 – A hybrid model of physical and online training.

Some schools in recent years also offer a hybrid model where you complete part of the training online and then complete the contact hours with your practice for about 15 days. If the course you select is registered with the yoga alliance it is mostly standardized to complete certain hours of contact hours with your teachers in personal teaching. So this course will require you to finish your online training in about 2 weeks or alternatively in a long time if the classes are recorded and then finish your physical training in about 15 days. This is suited for students who wish to take only about 2 weeks of holidays to travel to complete the yoga teacher training in person.

Option 4 – Online course.

In recent times due to covid, some yoga schools moved to completely offer the 200-hour yoga teacher training in an online format where you can complete the course at your own pace. While it gave a distinct advantage of finishing the course at your own pace & also without requiring you to leave the confines of your town or your own room for that matter. This course format has zero physical connection with your teachers which forms an important element of yoga practice when it comes to adjustments and alignments.

At the end of the day, you may choose what suits your needs but do invest time in researching the yoga school you will select to complete your course since that will make the difference between a good or bad experience.

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