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Gayatri Mantra

hands-173x260 (1)“OM BUHR, BHUVA, SWAHA

The Gayatri Mantra instils enlightenment and wisdom in us.  It means “May the Supreme light of the Higher Power, Supreme Being illuminate our intellect, to lead us along a path of righteousness”.

As per  Vedas, there are seven chakras (or energy circles) within each of our bodies. Reciting this mantra awakens the vital energies thus giving us a way to connect with a soul. Coming in the form of thought and vibration it gets to our gross, subtle and causal body.

Mantras are believed to have powerful effects on different aspects of our mind, body, life…  Mantras are sometimes misunderstood and taken as religious prayers or rituals, but Vedas  – the ancient scriptures and source of a Yogic knowledge – have never indeed belonged to any religion! The purpose of mantra chanting was to quiet the mind, remind ourselves of inner intention, and mental powers to transform, to change, to be better…  Mantras are – similarly to  a meditation practice – a tool to work on mind’s control and improvement.

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